Concert Attire & Etiquette...

Standard Performance Attire

  • Women: mid-calf or ankle-length black skirt or pantsuit, plain black blouse with LONG SLEEVES (no sequins, etc.). Black hose or knee-highs & comfortable but nice black shoes. No large, dangling earrings.
  • Men: Black trousers, white button-down shirt, long black tie (no bow ties), nice black shoes, black socks, (if trousers have belt loops) use a black belt.
  • Please hole-punch your music and insert it into a black notebook, for dress rehearsal and the performance.
  • Men and Women: white Tallahassee Civic Chorale polo shirt with the new blue logo, long black dress pants, black socks or stockings, black shoes, (if pants have belt loops) black belt, no large earrings. If you don't have a Tallahassee Civic Chorale polo shirt with the new blue logo, please see Jim Prater.
  • Bring your black notebook for your music.
  • Singout attire is often worn for the Summer Concert performance instead of the usual regular Concert Attire. Please stay tuned to this website for confirmation on summer performance attire.
Tallahassee Winter Festival and Other Outside Performances
  • As described above for all Singouts, please wear your Tallahassee Civic Chorale polo shirt with the blue logo, long black dress pants, black socks or stockings and black shoes. This attire is for both men and women.
  • If the weather is cold, you are free to cover up the polo shirt with sweaters, coats, etc. For the Winter Festival, coordinators are now asking all Festival performers to wear holiday season festive accessories to accent their appearance. For example, reindeer horns, Santa Claus earrings (ladies, now's your chance to wear long earrings!), Christmas tree mufflers or hats, etc. Lots of red and green!
  • For all outside performances performed after dark, bring a book light that you can attach to your notebook, since it is often too dark outside to read your music well. These are usually available at local bookstores and office supply stores.

Concert Etiquette

  • Absolute silence backstage, except in the dressing rooms with the doors closed.
  • Absolutely no talking on the risers (nothing is THAT important).
  • Please strictly adhere to the Concert or Sing Out Attire codes that have been adopted by the Chorale. It makes us look like a group - rather than a bunch of individuals.
  • Always be a team player!
  • Avoid perfumes, cologne, scented hairspray, or similar items, since other singers may be allergic to them, and heat from stage lights may amplify fragrances.
  • Always be prepared to sing at the pre-arranged call time, and be attentive to the director.
  • Upon entering and exiting the stage, always carry your music in the hand away from the audience.
  • After entering the stage, keep your music at your side until the director gives the signal for the choir to raise its folders.
  • Stand still during concerts, with good singing posture and knees unlocked.
  • Avoid distracting the audience during a performance.
  • Do not speak to other singers.
  • Do not hum a pitch before singing;
  • Do not unwrap throat lozenges.
  • Minimize movement and appear engaged.
  • Do not turn pages during solos. Mark ahead of time where your next entrance is (e.g., with a paperclip) and know the cues to your entrance so that you don't need to follow along.
  • Do not put your music down during solos, between movements of a piece, or between pieces, unless instructed by the director.
  • After finishing the last piece before an intermission or the last piece of the concert, lower your music to your side as soon as the audience starts clapping.
  • Do not applaud for other performers.
  • Don't bow, unless you are being acknowledged for a solo. Just beam at the audience.